4th annual Water Wars weekend we needs your team

Water Wars

If you are needing some big time fun and a way to keep cool, then get to the 4th annual water wars weekend here at Abbott’s Glen in Southern Vermont and bring some friends along for support.

4th annual Water Wars weekend Abbott's Glen VTSo what is Water Wars weekend all about? It’s a weekend of acting like an 8 year old, squirting anyone in sight, with super soakers, squirt guns, and any vessel that holds water. Everyone that participates is fair game & there is no place to hide. You will be chased everywhere , even into the pond. And just when you think you have had enough, and stop to catch your breath, someone else will ambush you. Alliances are formed, and no one is your friend, not even your partner.

1ST Reserve a room in one of our lodging facilities, or a campsite for your tent or pop up camper in our campground for the weekend. We  will start with a group bonfire Friday night usually followed by some good music in Club Sugarshack.  Saturday is the official day of war, and it begins after breakfast on Saturday morning. So be prepared.

Friday eve we’ll also be cooking up dinner at the Tiki hut grill, followed by the bonfire under the stars. Saturday night put the water weapons away and dinner will be served out on the covered patio overlooking the pond. We will have a menu reflecting summer tastes and a bounty of garden fresh veggies. Later head over to Club Sugar Shack for some pool, dancing & recreating with other like minded naturists. This is a great weekend of child like fun. Young naturist get an under 35 discount. Join us! Remember to join us in the yoga yurt for some nude yoga 15.00 per person additional charge.

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